Our Team

Our Team


Meet The Slagel Team

Quality drives our decisions as a company and the daily work of our employees. Beginning with our co-founder, Mark Slagel, working hands-on with local farmers and his own farm with his brother and co-founder, Don Slagel, Slagel Manufacturing has grown into a fixture in the community and a trusted provider of precise metal fabrication in Central Illinois while serving businesses across the country. We welcome you to meet the Slagel Manufacturing Inc. team.

“As a vendor and a customer of Slagel Manufacturing Inc., I enjoy the benefits of great organization, quick pick up/drop off, good pricing and high quality products. They are just so easy to work with!”

Todd Crutcher, Crutcher Manufacturing

“Slagel Manufacturing continues to be one of our go-to subcontractors due to fair pricing, good quality, and excellent turn-around time.”

Becky Hoffman, Technical Metals

“Slagel Manufacturing is a strong partner of American Event Services. With Slagel’s accurate and timely production of our custom parts, we are able to provide our customers with some of the best designed and constructed products in the marketplace.  The design process is very hands on where communication is key.  Todd Freehill is an integral part of this and is invaluable to us”

Tony Tauer, American Event Services

“Slagel Manufacturing has earned our trust and confidence. KSI has worked with Slagel Manufacturing for more than 15 years, relying on them for design input, quality fabrication and on-time delivery at a fair price. There is no doubt that our relationship with Slagel has helped us to maintain a reputation for high-quality products in our industry”

Hartzell Kaeb, Director of Operations, KSi Conveyors Inc.

Our Team


Mark Slagel, President


“The only thing I’m more proud of than the quality work we provide on a daily basis is the group of talented friends who come to work with me each day at Slagel Manufacturing. My job as the President of the company is to take care of my staff, who are dedicated to providing the best service to the businesses and individuals we work with.

The son of a farmer, I learned what a strong work ethic was from an early age. My first job off the farm was making high-wheel weed mowers and log splitters at a local business. I started out on the paint line, then moved into the welding department, and later did machining work, along with fixture design and building. This all led to creating Slagel Manufacturing in 1993 to provide what I knew the local community, farms, and businesses everywhere would be proud to turn to when in need of metal fabrication.”


Don Slagel, Vice President


“I grew up in Central Illinois and have been encompassed by farming since the day I was born. Living on a dairy farm taught me about hard work and having a strong work ethic, not to mention the importance of a good cup of coffee.

I enjoyed working on farm equipment, which led me to become a mechanic for many years. Later, I moved into the position of service manager at a farm equipment dealership where I scheduled service appointments and oversaw technicians. With an entrepreneurial spirit, a desire to invent, and work for myself, I joined my brother as co-owner and vice-president of Slagel Manufacturing Inc. in 1996.

I truly enjoy being a hands-on participant in the attentive service that we provide to our customers.”


Tim Hanna, General Manager


"I was born and raised in central Indiana and feel that I am instilled with the Midwestern values of hard work, determination, and compassion. I joined Slagel Manufacturing in 2021 after working in healthcare for 10 plus years in Indianapolis and Chicago. With my background in healthcare management, I believe I am uniquely qualified to ensure our customers have a great outcome. I work to make sure their experience, from ordering to delivery, is seamless and the product is exactly as desired."


Sebastian Mekarski, Head of Production


“In January of 2008, I received a life-changing opportunity to operate a laser machine at Slagel Manufacturing.  With no prior manufacturing experience, I relied on hard work, determination, and an unquenchable thirst for success to achieve my goal of becoming the Head of Production. I enjoy challenging myself to improve workplace atmosphere and revolutionize operational strategies. I strive to empower and challenge my co-workers to achieve their goals in and out of the workplace.  I believe in cultivating strong relationships with our customers and vendors so we can turn parts into partnerships.”


Ron Folk Jr., Production Manager


“I started at Slagel Manufacturing in 2006 seeking advancement in steel fabrication, knowing this was a rapidly growing business. Throughout my career, I have been the 2nd shift supervisor, AWS certified welder, CNC sheet rolling programmer, and robotic welding system programmer, as well as having ten years of laser cutting experience. Over eight years of being a supervisor, I have obtained organizational and management skills that ultimately led me to my current role as production manager.”


Todd Freehill, Head of Engineering


“30 years of experience in manufacturing has kept me involved in every facet of the business. Starting out as a machinist and learning from invested mentors has helped me develop great insight into process improvement and problem-solving. When I came to Slagel Manufacturing, I started out helping in the fabrication department, and a short time later, was involved in building an addition that doubled the size of our facility. From there, I became more involved in the engineering department. Currently heading this department, I am responsible for helping customers design their products. I use a wide range of modeling tools to produce parts right on the first try.”


Andrew Wright, Manufacturing Engineer


“As a member of the Slagel Manufacturing team, I am proud to work for a company that cares for its customers and employees. I can attest that the team at Slagel Manufacturing is dedicated to quality, strong work ethic, and listening to customers. I have over 10 years of experience with welding, structural steel fabrication, and design. I now work directly with customers to take their ideas from design to final product. I look forward to growing with the team and serving our customers for many years to come.”


Jessie Toohill, Manufacturing Engineer


“I began at the company in the cut-off department and ran a number of different machines while working my way up into logistics.  I spent most of my years at Slagel Manufacturing in logistics and specialized in working with production and scheduling to ensure quality parts in a timely manner for our customers.

My role at Slagel Manufacturing then changed again to Engineering Support Specialist. Its great to work for a company that allows me to grow, change and learn."


Christie Todd, Office Manager


“Since being offered the opportunity to become the Office Manager in 2013, I’ve taken pride in welcoming customers and leading them in the direction that best meets their needs. Years of administration in running my own business and working for others has taught me to have an accommodating, “How can I help?” and “Let’s get it done!” attitude and work ethic. I look forward to the opportunity to help you!”


Jessica Nash, Administrative Support Specialist


“After almost 13 years in the same position I decided it was time for a change. I began working at Slagel Manufacturing in May 2019. Everyday here is a new adventure and I'm continually learning new things. I enjoy working here because we are all a team and work together. I feel motivated to come to work and get the tasks done that need to be completed. I feel like I have found exactly where I am supposed to be in my career. I look forward to greeting you when you call or stop in.”


Paul Lahr, Quality Manager


“I was born and raised in Central Illinois in a tiny town right on Rt. 66. I spent many of my younger years in the agricultural industry learning mechanics and machining, walking beans and bailing hay. This quickly developed into an interest in plant and soil nutrition, which led me to pursuing my bachelor's degree in Agronomy Industry Management from Illinois State which also included classes in machining. After college, I worked in the agricultural industry and then moved into a machining position for the last 5 years.

I started at Slagel Manufacturing in Oct 2018. As a newer member of the team, I can already clearly see the dedication to quality products, strong work ethic, customer service, and quality of business here which mixes well with my drive to do things well the first time, every time. I am proud to work for a company that truly cares for its customers and employees.”


Tim Jones, Head of Logistics


“I have been in the manufacturing industry for the last 18 years. I started out working in the cultured marble industry, moved to garage door manufacturing and now logistics in steel fabrication. I started at Slagel Manufacturing as a logistics assistant and quickly moved into the head of logistics position. I really enjoy working at Slagel Manufacturing due to its dedication to our customers and also being family owned and oriented.”


Jon Gooding, IT and Safety Manager


"I have been the IT manager, safety manager, and maintenance #2 position since 2019 at Slagel Manufacturing. After training and working on electronics and computers for several years, I started my own computer repair business in 2007, which continues. I also have worked in maintenance for the last 15 years through other jobs. I enjoy wearing so many different hats because it gives me the opportunity to get know all the employees and expand my knowledge. I appreciate that Slagel Manufacturing gives me the chance to use my current skills and stretch into new ones."


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