Slagel Manufacturing turns your questions and problems into solutions. When it comes to precision metal fabrication, we’ve seen, and done, it all. From broken parts you need recreated, to blueprints for prototypes you want to be brought to life, Slagel gets it done.

Farmers and small businesses throughout the Midwest have come to trust in our ability to complete the toughest of jobs at a fair price, while looking out for their best interests every step of the way. See what questions we’re asked on a regular basis and our answers below. If you’re ready to get started with Slagel Manufacturing, contact us today.

A: Over our history, we’ve continually worked to set ourselves apart from all of the other options you have when in need of metal fabrication. Slagel is different in three main ways:

  1. Employees Come First: Slagel was founded by brothers Mark and Don Slagel as a family business that’s remained that way to this day. With dozens of employees, our workforce has grown significantly, and twenty-five years later, we are still one giant family that now includes members of dozens of different families. We put our employees first because we believe that by having the most supported and cared for team, they are able to serve our customers better than anyone else. In other words, when our employees are put first, they can do their very best work for you.
  2. We Put Quality Over Profit: Every project we complete is a reflection of who we are as a company. We care about providing the best in service, manufactured parts and about building long-lasting relationships over making a profit.
  3. We’re Community-Focused: Part of our effort to extend our family-like atmosphere outside of the workplace is geared towards providing value to the community. From working on projects with farmers, to donating to local schools and community efforts, we are proud to be able to give back to the Central Illinois area which has supported our business for nearly three decades.

A: There’s not much we can’t accomplish together. Slagel Manufacturing has a wide variety of experience and on-staff talent, including engineers, product managers, and skilled fabricators who can guide your product from start to finish. We are also able to work with your engineers to complete your project.

Slagel manufactures a wide variety of parts, structures, and machinery for small businesses to OEM manufacturers, and from hog pen gates to vehicle parts. If your project requires machinery we don’t have on hand, we work with partners with the right machinery to complete the build.  If it’s steel, we can make it.

A: Each project requires a different level of attention, R&D, and number of man hours. Working with our engineer and product manager, Slagel Manufacturing will give you reliable deadlines based on the time required to achieve the best result in terms of quality. If there are changes in the final delivery date, our team will update you immediately.

A: Slagel Manufacturing is an ISO 9001:2015 Registered Metal Fabrication Facility. 

A: Slagel Manufacturing is large enough to take on nearly any project, and dedicated to serving the solo farmer, the entrepreneur, and the local community, whose needs range from single parts to manufacturing thousands of units to sell to customers around the world. We work with all of our customers to achieve the best outcome at the lowest price. Request a quote here or call us at (815) 688-3318 to discuss your project.

A: Slagel has expanded our facilities six times in the past 15 years to make room for our growing staff, new machines, and to meet increases in demand. Machinery and capabilities include: multiple forms of welding, CNC plate rolling, laser plate cutting, CNC saw, pipe and tube bending, CNC drill press, and much more. For more specific details, visit our Services page here.

A: Twenty-five years ago, Slagel Manufacturing started serving local farms and small businesses, creating hog gates and other structures that required precision metal fabrication. Decades later, there isn’t an industry we can’t serve.

A: Slagel Manufacturing is located at 2911 N 2700 Rd, Forrest, Illinois, 61741. We hope to see you soon.

A: Slagel is always looking to strengthen our amazing team. Our team values community, quality, family, and hard work. To learn more, view our available positions, and to apply, visit the Slagel Manufacturing Careers page.

Each project and business we work with are unique. To answer your questions and help you make the best decision going forward, call (815-688-3318), email, or visit us today at 2911 N. 2700 East Road in Forrest, IL.


“For more than 20 years, we have worked jointly with Slagel Manufacturing on making parts. Some of our favorite parts of working together are the great managers, helpful employees, and engineers that reply in a timely manner.”

Paul Kaeb | President/CEO, KSi Conveyors Inc.